WordPress topics are like materials and dresses. Similarly, as materials and dresses can give different looks and styles to individuals wearing them while giving essential usefulness of covering the body, topics give remarkable look and feel to your online journals while giving fundamental functionalities of showing the substance you compose.

There are two distinct sorts of WordPress Themes; Free topics and paid premium subjects. You can generally go with the expectation of complimentary topics however it quite often accompanies its disadvantages like it won’t give assistance and backing you might require down the line, might not have been refreshed from quite a while with all necessary security fixes, may not help most recent adaptations of Cookingpress recipe & food WordPress theme and thus new functionalities, may not be upgraded for execution and web index rankings, and so forth The other serious issue with free WordPress subjects is that it quite often has some scrambled code in it (for the most part in footer) that you wouldn’t know what it does and assuming you eliminate it, topic quits working.

So what would it be advisable for you to search for in paid premium WordPress subjects? Before you bounce on to observing the best topic for your fresh out of the plastic new food blog, you ought to get the fundamental plan rules of site ease of use.

Essential Design Guidelines:

Blank areas: Whatever subject you pick, ensure that it has a parcel of blank areas around the substance and route so it permits space to breathe to your substance and doesn’t overpower or confound your perusers.

Shading Schemes: Choose a shading plan that is proper for the subject of your blog. For practically all food web journals, bright photographs are the fundamental feature of the substance and they truly look remarkable when introduced in white shading-based moderate topics. Assuming you decide to have a non-white shading plan, ensure that you use colors that individuals by and large partner with food. For example shades of red, yellow, orange, green, and so forth are astounding decisions however shades of blue, dark, and so on, are not fitting for it.

Coherence: Use proper sort, size, and shade of text styles that make perusing a joy and don’t put a strain on the eyes.

Never utilize light text on a dim foundation.

Route: Make sure that the topic has a clear and predictable route conspire that assists the peruser with tracking down the substance he/she is searching for absent a lot of exertion. Level parchments are a finished no-no and the peruser ought not to be expected to do vertical looking over promptly to see the substance he came searching for (consider keeping tallness of logo and header as little as conceivable so that content doesn’t get pushed down the screen).

You additionally need to realize what sort of topic would be ideal for your blog. This would assist you with finding your ideal subject quicker and lead to fewer disappointments – there are such countless choices to browse and accept me, it could consume a huge chunk of time to track down the right topic with this large number of choices.

Subject Type: WordPress as a Content Management System has advanced from giving basic text-based writing for a blog stage to controlling the absolute greatest sites on the web like Webibazaar, and so on It presently controls 23% of the world’s sites including sites of huge undertakings, little and medium organizations, photographic artists, magazines, neighborhood organizations, bloggers, applications and items, and so on This intends that there are different sorts of topics that are tailor-made to address the issues of every specialty.

For food websites, you can either go for topics that are explicitly made for food contributing to a blog or pick Magazine Style subjects, which have very much like the convenience and plan necessities concerning food and formula publishing content to a blog.

Presently because of these plan rules and the kind of subject to search for, how about we take a gander at the elements that ought to be considered for choosing and buying a superior topic.

10 Things to Think About When Choosing a Premium WordPress Theme

Website improvement (SEO Friendly). 

Aside from composing quality and special substance and giving the best convenient experience to your guests, SEO is one of the main factors that would assume a basic part in the progress of your blog. Subjects planned considering SEO makes on-page SEO exceptionally simple and ought to give

Responsive Layout.

Practically 60% of guests of foodviva.com come from portable and tablet gadgets. Responsive subjects consequently resize and revamp sections of the blog in light of the screen size of the gadget and give better ease of use. It likewise saves you from modifying the substance and keeping up with various sites for every gadget type permitting you to zero in erring on the substance than a steadily evolving innovation. Responsive format configuration is additionally suggested by Google, Bing, and other significant web indexes for better positioning in list items.

Multi-Browser Compatibility.

Individuals access the Internet through different sorts of programs like Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, and so forth and even though all significant programs observe guideline HTML, CSS, and JavaScript particulars, they of the time show things contrastingly and may prompt sub-standard experience for guests utilizing those programs. Testing and checking the look and feel of each rendition of all programs is very tedious. Generally, great quality topic designers give multi-program backing and show it in their special reports.

Page Load Speed and Performance Optimization.

Page load speed is only what amount of time it requires to deliver.

And show the page after the client taps on a connection or presses enter after composing a URL in the program.

The more it takes to show the page, the higher the possibility that the guest would disappear to another site. There are two significant advantages of utilizing execution-enhanced WordPress Themes.

  • Higher positioning in query items – all significant web crawlers see how quickly your site loads.
  • As one of the boundaries for positioning your site.
  • It requires lesser CPU handling time and assets on the server.
  • And less delivering time on the client’s program.

And that implies that you can pay less for a more modest server nevertheless have the option to serve the same number of page demands.

Saving you a little yet huge facilitating cost in the lengthy run.

Advanced for Monetization.

Assuming your point is to acquire a side pay from food publishing content.

To a blog or make it a principle kind of revenue.

In the end, give close consideration to where would.

You be able to show publicizes and which various sizes can be shown on various pages and portions of the site.

Check whether you would have the option to show the following top-performing popularity advertisement sizes.

336 x 228 – Large Rectangle

300 x 250 – Medium Rectangle

728 x 90 – Large Banner

160 x 600 – Wide Skyscraper

Other favored sizes

300 x 600 – Half Page

468 x 60 – Half Banner

250 x 250 – Square

200 x 200 – Small Square

The greater part of the top-notch WordPress topics is planned.

With the capacity to show these promotion sizes and consistently mix with the general spread out.


WordPress itself as a stage is adequately secure.

And gives security fixes rapidly to safeguard your blog against any known or newfound weaknesses.

In any case, subjects additionally incorporate a PHP code.

It can present new weaknesses that are absent in the actual stage and won’t fix by stage refreshes.

  • A decent-paid subject like Genesis ought to stick to the prescribed procedures suggested by WordPress.
  • A fast look around paid topics shows that not all engineers determine regardless.
  • Whether their subjects stick to the suggested prescribed procedures.
  • So assuming you truly like a specific topic however it doesn’t indicate that.

Pose that inquiry to the designer straightforwardly or purchase this suggested Genesis Framework and youngster topic.

Adjustable Layout Design

Contingent upon your inclination, you might need to have different one section, two segments, or 3 segments spread out with adaptability to apply it to all or just not many chosen pages of your site such as website templates layout.

Practically this large number of suggested premium topics give more adaptability.

And choices that you would presumably at any point need.

Shading Schemes

Shading plans give an extraordinary chance to give your blog its personality.

And separate it from different websites that utilization the same subjects.

In a perfect world shading plan of your blog ought to be the same or like your logo. Practically all subjects give not many predefined shading plans to browse yet what you want to search for is regardless.

Whether it has suggested CSS class plans that would permit.

You to change the shading plan with negligible specialized exertion if predefined shading plans don’t address your issues.

Gadgets Support

Gadgets permit you to show your substance like ongoing posts, well-known posts, related posts, email memberships.

Web-based media symbols, and so forth, in predefined places holders.

Like sidebar, header, footer, and so on Higher the number of choices for putting gadgets in various areas the better.

Licenses, Support, Updates, and Source Files

Before settling and buying the subject, see what sort of permit do they give? Would you be able to involve a topic for only one site or a limitless number of sites?


Keerthana is the Managing Director at digitalkirk.com. After many years of making it and breaking it in the freelance world, she now mentors new writers who want to take their careers to the next level.

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