So, you’re thinking about using social media to advertise your upcoming events? This is actually a smart idea, as it can give your audience something more to get excited about and hold onto. If they’re happy about what’s going on, this will also help with the general popularity of the event itself. But, how do you begin the process? Here are some tips.

Start by posting on your own page, making sure to include any important event details. Add your Twitter and Facebook URLs in case anyone missed them when they came looking for you. Add any promotional offers that you have at the ready (e.g., discount code, free ticket offer, etc. ), so that people who come in via social bookmarking don’t have to hunt around for codes or other information. You may also want to link up with your event’s Facebook page so that people can follow your posts too.

Start posting event-related tweets that people can follow up to the minute they happen. Don’t put everything you have for the day down in one tweet. Post a range of things about the event, from links to special offerings to links to photos. This way, you can spread out news throughout the day rather than focusing your attention on one big news story.

Now that you’ve got an idea of how to promote your social media campaign, it’s time to start doing it! Start by signing up for all of the accounts you can find. Make sure to check those that are recommended to you by your friends and family. If you don’t already have an account, sign up for Twitter and Facebook. Both have incredibly valuable resources and can really help you to gain some ground in this business.

Once you’ve signed up, be sure to start spreading the word! Pin every picture you can find on the fridge, on Facebook and on Twitter. The more visible you are online, the better chance you’ll have of getting your promotion out there. You should also post anything you think will help you to get the word out. Keep your posts thoughtful, don’t fill them with sales.

As soon as you’re able to open an account and start promoting your virtual events, start sending out messages. You can tweet about them as well as mention them in your email signature. As you become more knowledgeable about using social media to market your business, you will find it easier to send out messages. You can also set up alerts so you know when certain types of posts appear on your network.

Take advantage of social media advertising to get the word out about any specials or sales you have going on. Remember that you don’t have to limit your promotions to the big events. Sometimes, the smaller, less publicized events can have just as much, if not more, potential for making a sale. One great example would be a music festival. This is something many people would never even know about unless they found out about it through social media.

Finally, use some good old fashion advertising. Place your ad in a real magazine, newspaper, or online publication. Make sure you have a link to your website so people can find out more information before attending your event. This is by far one of the most important ways you can learn how to advertise virtual events on social media. Social media allows you to connect directly with potential customers without having to spend a lot of time trying to reach them. The more you promote your events, the more exposure you will get.


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