Email marketing is one of the most effective mediums to get your message across. It lets you communicate with your audience directly, right in their inboxes. This way, you can address them in a personal manner and get to meet their needs, depending on what point of the marketing funnel they are at. 

However, many companies are not able to get the best out of email campaigns. You might also be facing the same problem. This is not something to worry about, as you may just be making a few simple mistakes. Once you discover what these mistakes are, you can overcome them and really make your strategy work. Here are a few common mistakes you may be making with your email marketing strategy. 

Bland, text-based content

When you think of email marketing, you might imagine a nice text-heavy email addressed formally to the recipient. This is not the way to go at all with these matters. Do not use just text in your email campaigns. Instead, incorporate visuals to make things more appealing. Use the customizable email templates on PosterMyWall to create emails with a healthy mixture of text and images. 

You can even add gifs and short videos to make things more interesting. This sort of approach will help you catch your recipients’ attention and make them more likely to open your future emails as well. 

No reply mechanism

This is something an astonishing number of companies forget about. It can be quite annoying when you read an interesting email, and then have no way to reply or find out more information. Avoid this mistake by incorporating some sort of reply mechanism into your email templates.

Even if you don’t want people to reply directly to the emails you send out, add a form or a contact button which will let them easily communicate with you. This will make your recipients feel valued and improve engagement in your email marketing as well.  

Not letting people unsubscribe

As per the CAN-SPAM Act in the USA, it is illegal to not have an unsubscribe option in your emails in a visible manner, with considerable penalties. However, some companies still make this as difficult as possible. This will not only impact you legally, but will also put your audience off your emails. 

So, make sure you have the unsubscribe option right below your email content, and do not have people who unsubscribe jump through any hoops. Simply send them an optional follow-up email or message to inquire why they unsubscribed, in order to improve your own campaigns. 

Ignoring mobile users

In this day and age where smartphones are everyone’s primary device, there is no excuse to ignore mobile users in your email campaigns. However, many companies somehow still make this mistake. Recipients have to scroll here and there on their screen to see the whole content, and find some elements slow to load on mobile data. 

Do not make this mistake, and optimize your email content for mobile users from the get-go. This is easily doable, so do spend some time on it. 

Not tracking data

You can’t just keep shooting out email campaigns and expect them to work out without any sort of analysis. Compile data for actions like opening rates, clickthrough rates, time spent, and other statistics to get a picture of how your strategies are performing. 

So, use all the tools at your disposal to track such data and improve your future email marketing strategies. This will help you cut down on wasteful practices as well, so you should make it a priority. Whatever your budget is, you can find a tool to suit your needs. PosterMyWall also lets you track data for your email campaigns, so make good use of it. 

Writing boring subject lines

Subject lines are where email marketers often go wrong. Simply Googling what a good subject line won’t really do anything. You need to create the right balance between excitement and value to pique your audience’s interest. 

When you write a subject line, keep it short and snappy. In addition, make it immediately apparent what value you’re offering to your readers. This will improve your open rates and won’t have your emails languishing in people’s inboxes. 

Not using the right tools

While you may be doing everything else right, you might get disorganized or disoriented with all the elements involved in email marketing. That’s why you shouldn’t try to do all the processes such as building lists and analyzing data yourself. Instead, employ the right tools to do the job. This will make your work much easier and much more efficient. 

One of the most effective tools you can use is PosterMyWall’s email marketing platform. It has templates and data analytics for all your needs, and lets you save your email lists as well.

So, even if you’re making a few or all of the mistakes mentioned above, you can change gear and recover quite effectively. You just need to work on your strategies and alter them accordingly. 


Keerthana is the Managing Director at After many years of making it and breaking it in the freelance world, she now mentors new writers who want to take their careers to the next level.

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