What is Torlock?

It’s not a secret that Torlock is a well-known torrent tracker, even though it’s not the best. It’s just that this site asks people to accept notifications, which lets it show pop-up ads and promote other websites.

There are a lot of torrent websites that have access to copyrighted content (like movies and music), but not all of them. Like that, Torlock is a place where you can find files called torrents. You can also use TorLock to get information from certain torrent files if you want.

Features of Torlock

Many people worldwide go to this website to get free movie downloads, software, and more. To get the most out of this website, learn how it works.

Torlock has a lot of movies and web series from all over the world, in a lot of different languages and different types of films and web series, too.

The platform’s user interface is simple and friendly. For example, the Torlock app makes it easy to get files and movies, even if you’re not an expert at what they do.

Using an adblocker plugin in your search engine will keep Torlock’s limited ads from showing up.


  • It is used in many countries worldwide with the help of a private network.
  • Those who use Torlock can watch movies, and web shows right away.
  • Video subtitles can be found on Torlock.
  • In addition, there may be a simple search tool.

Categories On Torlock

  1. TV shows
  2. Songs
  3. Films
  4. Games
  5. Software
  6. Adult
  7. EBooks
  8. Anime
  9. Photos
  10. Other

How to download the Torlock App?

This will make people more comfortable with the idea of doing this. Ads aren’t on Apk’s site, though. Due to the ease with which information from the internet can be streamed or downloaded through the app, this is why.

Torlock Proxy and Mirror List

When Torlock isn’t available in your area, you can use a proxy to hide your real location and pretend to be in another country where Torlock is available, or you can use a VPN to access a mirror site of Torlock.


After Torlock’s first website, this might be the best one. It has all the things the user wants. There is always more after the most recent movies, TV shows, music, and web series. As a result, the site’s users have no trouble getting to and using the site.


Also, this mirror site has a lot of movies from Hollywood and Bollywood and the usual Tamil film. Also, there are torrents for many different kinds of movies and TV shows. Many people like to use this mirror site because it has dubbed and subtitled versions of many videos and text.


Customers can get their hands on any copyrighted materials, like software, music, and more, on this site. As a customer, you can easily search for the drug you want on the site.


Make sure that the original site’s content is available here as well. There are also movies, TV shows, music, and web shows. This mirror is very important to keep Torlock’s huge database running smoothly and securely.


People can use this site because it is open source. As with other mirror sites, this one has all of the content from the original site and any new movies, TV shows, or music.


If you want to use this proxy site as a mirror site for Torlock, you should do that. All-new TV shows, web series, and animes can be found here. Users can download the torrent file directly or use the magnet links to look for and download the show they want.


You can find a lot of good Torlock mirrors at Torlock.unblock my.xyz, which is one of the best mirrors. So far, this torrenting service has been slowly growing its server to fit more features and specialisations into it. Furthermore, it has a lot of options for downloading torrent files so that you can stream what you want.

Torlock mirror sites

A great mirror site for Torlock can be found at this place. When it came online, it took a long time. It has the most active users, though. Amateur to professional uploaders can be found on the site, and they can be found.

A mirror site could be a copy of the original site’s torrent library, index, and database hosting. This way, the mirror site would not be found.

Suppose someone set up a copy of the website in New Zealand and put it on another domain name so the FBI wouldn’t find it.

Here is a possible list of Torlock mirror sites with many torrents. It’s very important to use a VPN to download movies and TV shows from these Torlock mirror sites.

  • https://www.torlock2.com
  • https://torlock.unblockit.lat
  • https://www.torlock.com/movie/torrents/2.html?sort=size
  • https://torlock.unblocked.nz/
  • https://tlock.unblocked.to

Why is Torlock so popular?

It has all the good things about a torrent on the Torlock platform.

  • If your internet is slow, you don’t have to worry about it when you’re downloading something.
  • The browser is very good at what it does.

Torlock has some risks, so be careful if you live in a country where illegal torrents; you should always use a virtual private network to get around the law (VPN).

How to unblock Torlock Proxy?

With a VPN add-on, you can use any browser to get to any website. You can also choose an IP address from many different countries if you use a virtual private network to hide your IP address (VPN).

Torlock Alternatives

TorLock – FAQs

Is it a free platform?

Yes, Torlock is free of charge at all times. When a torrent service wants to make money, it gives people free access to things like files, movies, and more to make money.

Is it necessary to use a VPN for Torlock movies?

Don’t steal. As a way to not have to make a payment or pay a fine from your Internet service provider, this is the easiest way. A list of legal and free torrent sites can be found on this page. There are risks even if you don’t plan to download anything.

Is it safe to use Torlock proxy sites?

When you go to a torrent site, hackers can get their hands on the user’s data, making it easier for them to steal it. They are also afraid of being hacked when they download torrents from a large company with a good IT department. Make sure that your virtual private network is good enough to use the torrent site before you do (VPN).

Is it legal to use Torlock proxy sites?

People who make movies, TV shows, games, music, anime, and e-books don’t want you to use Torlock sites because they’re illegal and can put your privacy at risk. They also cost them money. Everything on the Torlock is copyrighted and not allowed to be used. People who care about their privacy should not use it.


The Torrents Proxy website was made only to give its visitors information and fun. The content on this site is completely legal and written only by the people who work there. Generally, we don’t think people should be able to keep their private lives private or be able to share illegal materials.


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