Arc Flash Analysis

A certified safety expert conducts an arc flash hazard analysis or risk assessment to evaluate electrical equipment and power systems in order to anticipate the potential for or incident energy of an arc flash. Companies can utilise this information to effectively train employees on the hazards connected with their job duties, as well as identify the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required to keep workers safe in the event of an arc flash. Employers in the electric power generation, transmission, distribution, and associated areas were required to do an In 2014, OSHA issued a final rule for 29 CFR 1910.269 that included an arc flash risk assessment. NFPA 70E mandates this work as well.

Employers are required by OSHA and NFPA 70E to train their employees about the hazards in their workplace. In the event of an arc flash, personal protective equipment (PPE) and flame-resistant (FR) clothes are the “last line of defense.” They exist to protect employees from harm after all other safety precautions and procedures have failed to prevent an occurrence.

Why is it important for every industry?

An Arc Flash Assessment / Analysis is a study of the facility’s power system to establish the incident energy available at specific electrical devices to which employees may be exposed while “interacting with” the facility’s electrical equipment. The Assessment/Analysis’ result is a determination and labeling of the PPE required of the electrical devices, suitability of the devices for service as installed, and whether there are any mis-coordination issues with the system as it is now installed.

To calculate the incident energy at various places in the system, a short circuit current available analysis and the clearance times of the overcurrent devices implicated are necessary.

Employers must detect and safeguard their employees from occupational dangers, according to OSHA 1910.132. Electrical shock and arc flash, which occur whenever people “interact with” powered electrical equipment, are inherent risks in every industrial / commercial power system. Interacting with electrical equipment includes operating fully enclosed switches and power circuit breakers, as well as any energised equipment or circuit portions, such as all energised testing or troubleshooting duties

According to Section 110.1 of NFPA 70E – Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace, “the employer shall implement and document an overall electrical safety programme that directs activity appropriate to the risk of electrical hazards.” When a business has an overall occupational health and safety management system, the electrical safety programme must be implemented as part of it. ” Before work begins, this section comprises identifying and estimating the risks of both shock and arc flash dangers.

An arc flash risk assessment is needed by NFPA 70E, Section 130.5 Arc Flash Analysis, to identify the risk, mandatory safety-related work practises, the arc flash boundary, incident energy at the working distance, and the PPE that individuals within the arc flash boundary must employ. This assessment will be evaluated every 5 years at the most.

Without an examination by competent technical resources, it’s hard to tell what level of arc flash danger risk your power system has. Every industrial / commercial electrical system, on the other hand, has some level of intrinsic arc flash hazard. An arc flash evaluation must be done and the equipment suitably labelled in order to ensure the safety of your employees or contract personnel working on or operating your electrical equipment.

What is meant by  Arc Flash Analysis services?

A major failure in an electrical network occurs when a short circuit forms between two live wires, whether by direct or indirect contact. This problem will cause an electric arc, which will cause a flash, known as an electric arc flash in the industry.The process of locating the fault, calculating the risk, and reducing the hazards of arc flash in an electrical network is known as arc flash hazard analysis or arc flash risk assessment. Arc flash risk assessment or arc flash analysis is a service that protects employees in industrial settings from electric arc flash hazards.

When an electrical discharge arcs from one piece of equipment to the ground or through the air to another, it can cause catastrophic injury or death. Severe burns can occur at temperatures exceeding 35,000 degrees Celsius. Workers who operate with highly electrified equipment face a greater danger.

When conducting an arc flash study, OSHA, NEC, IEEE-1584, and NFPA-70E requirements must be strictly followed. All industries will undertake arc flash risk assessments in order to apply suitable safety approaches prior to any loss or danger, in order to reduce accidents in their facilities.

A certified safety expert conducts an arc flash hazard analysis to assess whether an arc flash will occur and how much energy will be released. Companies can utilise this information to effectively train employees on the hazards connected with their job duties, as well as to identify the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needed to keep workers safe in the case of an arc flash.areas of excessive energy consumption in buildings.

What are the benefits of  Arc Flash Analysis services?

Any successful firm requires electricity. Too much electricity, on the other side, can cause gadgets to overheat, resulting in fires and significant financial loss. Arc flash research and analysis services are used to estimate the level of risk in the workplace. They’re detailed inspections of the electrical system. These arc flash analysis services offer a bevy of advantages that will keep your business and equipment running properly.

  • Analysis of Arc Flashes Maintain Your Conformity

You may be expected to follow a variety of internal, local, national, and international standards, depending on your industry. This includes the state of your electrical system as a whole. There may be issues that you are unaware of. An arc flash analysis will reveal any faults that are causing you to be out of compliance, as well as the necessary changes. This helps you to keep current with the most recent rules.

  • Arc Flash Assessments Ensures Workforce Safety

Employee health has a huge influence on the company’s growth and success. A single person’s death can have catastrophic consequences for a firm. When one of your employees is injured, the entire organisation suffers. One of the numerous potential sources of harm is electrical shock. One of the main purposes of an arc flash evaluation is to eliminate the risk of electrical shock injuries. While you may not be able to completely eliminate this risk, an arc flash study can dramatically reduce the odds of a catastrophic injury or even death to an employee.

  • Services for Arc Flash Analysis Maintain the Security of Your Company

Faulty electrical equipment endangers more than simply your employees. It’s possible that your company will also suffer. Faulty equipment can cause electrical shock, which can end in a fire. If this happens, everything inside your company, including the structure, could be ruined. Any fire damage costs money since you’ll have to replace what you’ve lost and repair what needs to be fixed.

  • Services for Arc Flash Analysis Assists With Determining Maintenance Needs

Every electrical component is scrutinised during an arc flash inquiry. As a result, any required maintenance can be detected. It detects flaws like improper connections, unused equipment, and pollution (which can be anything from dust to animal debris). This allows you to respond by mending them, reducing your chances of losing them significantly.

  • On-site arc flash analysis is possible.

Without a doubt, you are an extremely busy business owner. It’s important to value your time, and having too many things on your mind can be exhausting. The lead investigator for the arc flash investigation approaches you. Your entire system will be scrutinised. The outcomes are available to you.You’ll never have to be concerned about losing a thread again.

  • Arc Flash Assessments Can Be Customized Easily

Your electrical system is one-of-a-kind, just like you. It was created to help you run your business according to your specific requirements. It will not be like any other electrical system. As a result, your arc flash analysis can be tailored to your specific needs while also taking into account your best interests.

It’s critical to ensure the safety of your employees and your organisation, as well as remaining current on current legislation. SAS Powertech can do an arc flash study on your electrical system to ensure that everything is in working order and, if not, to identify which areas need to be addressed, reducing your risk of injury or property damage significantly.

Which is the Best arc flash analysis service in india?

SAS Powertech Pvt Ltd has been delivering Arc Flash Analysis services to its clients in India and Southeast Asia for over a decade. We’re known for being open about our results and providing balanced reporting. Our Arc Flash Analysis services and solutions are the most cost-effective, and they have helped clients reach their goals.

Why sas powertech comes under best services in india

Subject matter expertise in electrical, thermal, HVAC, compressed air, and water treatment systems are available at Sas Powertech to help simplify complex designs and expose grey areas.

Electrical Safety Study and Comprehensive Power Quality Audit

Failures’ Electrical Root Cause Analysis

Study of the Lightning Protection System and the Earthing System

Intelligent SLD preparation and electrical manual creation based on ETAP.

Short Circuit Analysis using ETAP.

Relay Coordination Study based on ETAP.

Analysis of Arc Flashes

Audit of Energy Consumption (Level -1 & Level 2).

Detection of Compressed Air Leakage

Study of the thermal / HVAC system’s efficiency.

Observance of specific electrical regulations.

SAS Powertech Private Limited has established a goal to identify the areas where the user industry will benefit the most, as well as to successfully execute the designed solution. SASPPL provides specialised services to independently audit each Energy Form through Subject Matter Experts with over 30 years of knowledge in the relevant energy forms and their numerous uses.


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