Businesses that are attempting to stay up with client demand changes and quick development may find it difficult to test Salesforce. The Salesforce automated testing increases efficiency and quality, but it also has its own set of drawbacks, including the fact that It may be time-consuming to design and maintain. Therefore, look at some of the best practices you can put to use for Salesforce automation testing.

  • An expert team: Having a team that is experienced in automation testing of any given code application for setting up software that is fruitful and meets all the needs and requirements of the consumers need to have a team that is experienced in handling the test cases. In that case, you should always consider whether your testing methods may arise before the final result that you want to obtain from this automated test. Because having and selecting an experienced person for this testing process needs to have a list of skills and knowledge that the export has to have. For this understanding, your own company’s model and understanding what are the tools that are to be used are very important.
  • Comprehensive testing: While testing in SDLC, you should never leave something for too long until you are sure about its efficiency. If you’re unsure and have a dilemma regarding its working, then you should start from the very beginning, and it is essential to involve software testers from the very beginning in the SDLC. There involves a team from the very beginning and pushing them to test the software would help them to understand what the software required as well as they will be able to understand the issues that the software might face at the earliest. This is very beneficial because at the 11th hour when the software is almost at the words of computation, if you involve a team for testing, they might not be able to resolve all the errors and bugs that are appearing.
  • Proper selection of testing tools: When it comes to Salesforce test automation tools many rules are efficiently available in Salesforce automation testing. However, before choosing the right team the team needs to verify whether the tourist is capable of managing during critical scenarios and meet the requirements or not. Because you don’t want to select a tool that is not fitted for your use, yet you cannot use too many tools because that would complicate the situation much more. 
  • Inclusion of classes in controllers: When you are starting with Salesforce automation testing, inclusion of classes and controller files in each function helps in making the code much more easily organised and portably invisible. They form a very important and integral component of automated testing. Though this is not an efficient way for a developer this will help to achieve portability if the test code is in its original class and controller code. Also, this will help you not to miss any test classes while migrating from sandbox to production.


The good news is that test automation can relieve some of the pressure on QA teams and improve product delivery with the right strategy and tools. All the tips in strategies that you see above will help you to execute a fruitful automated test that will increase the efficiency of your work and reduce time and resource consumption.


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