Are you looking for Top 10 tips to improve conversions on your website? It’s a common problem that many Internet marketers face. It can be confusing to try and convince visitors of the products and services you have on offer if they don’t understand your website content or feel intimidated by shopping on your web site. Fortunately, there are several simple strategies that can help you boost sales and convert visitors into customers.

Make your web pages easy to navigate.

If people find it difficult to get around your web pages, then they won’t hang around long enough to purchase from you. In the same way that having an easily searchable main menu makes it easier to find what you need, having an easy-to-navigate main page helps visitors find what they want more quickly. Another thing to consider is ensuring that your navigation is logical. For example, it’s far more sensible to sell products from your home page than it is to go straight to the section where to order after a user has clicked through to your home page.

Provide good customer service.

A lot of Internet marketers seem to assume that all visitors are entitled to receive the same level of customer service as those who signed up to receive regular newsletters or e-newsletters. This isn’t true, and in fact, it can cause visitors to hang around longer, as they’re less likely to feel taken seriously by somebody who doesn’t take the time to address their needs. Keep your attitude consistent – from the moment you first greet visitors until the time they leave your website – and your customers will reward you with many repeat business.

Use content regularly.

Your web site should have a constant stream of fresh, useful content. This content needs to be relevant to your audience and geared towards engaging them. Incorporate a wide variety of topics into your articles, and include a link to your website in the resource box at the bottom of every article. Your readers will be much more likely to click on the link if they see that you are providing them with valuable information.

Use an autoresponder.

You can use an autoresponder to automate the process of sending out updates and news to your subscribers. If you want to improve your conversion rates, you’ll want to make sure that your email campaigns are sending out messages at scheduled times, and that the emails you send out actually hit your target audience. An autoresponder can give you the ability to customize emails for your list, so you can tailor each email message to the needs of your subscribers and the products and services that they buy.

Use graphics.

.The overall layout of your website can really make a difference in the success of your marketing campaign. Keep your web page simple and clean, and include plenty of white space. Using color on your pages can actually distract people away from your content and conversion rates, so keep your site as uncluttered as possible, and your graphics to a minimum.

Test your links.

This is one of the top 10 tips to improve conversions on your blog or website, because it’s the most important. If you aren’t getting any click-throughs from your links, then you aren’t getting any money from them. You can use Google AdWords and test all your links, including image links, text links, and even button links – so you can determine which ones are performing better.

Be sure that you’re not sending visitors to a website that is breaking the rules. If you are using a link-sharing site, make sure that your visitor expects to be directed to a particular website. There are many popular link-sharing sites that have been blacklisted by Google, and if you use their software to publish your website, you may find your site banned entirely. The top 10 tips to improve conversions on your website will allow you to improve your conversion rates. Make sure that you’re not violating any of the rules of the various link-sharing sites that you’re using to publish your site.


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