If you have a retail business, whether it is a physical store or an ecommerce, seasonal marketing   is one of the strategies that you cannot leave out to boost sales. Because it is on special dates of the year when brands have more opportunities to connect with the hearts of their audiences .

Easter is approaching and you are surely wondering what kind of campaigns you can develop to impact your customers and drive their purchasing decisions. It does not matter if you do not sell food or decorative items related to this religious holiday, the next few days will also be for rest, family reunion and vacations .

That is why we share some simple but also effective marketing ideas for Easter. Take note!

#1. Decorate the website and social networks of your company with reasons related to Easter

The first step is to incorporate motifs and designs related to these dates into the most visible spaces of the brand’s digital platforms , such as olive trees, threads, figures of rabbits and Easter eggs. For example, on the cover of the website, of the Facebook or Instagram account, or in the header of a newsletter. With this you tell your current and potential customers that you are also part of the celebration. This also applies to the decoration of physical spaces, from a store to the reception of the company.

#2. Connect with the values ​​of the celebration

Holy Week is much more than a celebration of the Catholic religion. Beyond the fact that they are holidays and many people take advantage of them to take vacations, it is also an opportunity to talk about values ​​such as justice, courage, loyalty, friendship and love for others . Values ​​that many brands also have; for example, yours in its relationship with customers and suppliers. So why not develop content around these concepts, such as inspiring phrases on social networks or reflections on a blog?

#3. Launch contests and giveaways

Special dates can also open the door for your brand to engage with its audience . For example, through contests and sweepstakes , in this case for Easter eggs and bagels, airfare, hotel stays, or spa treatments. What could the participants do to aspire to a prize? For example, posting a comment about the meaning of Holy Week in their lives or a memory of a family vacation that made them happy; as well as send a photo with bunny ears while holding your products.

#4. Organize Easter Egg Hunts

If you have a physical location, and a children’s audience, you could organize an event of this type at a special time , or simply invite children and their parents to look for Easter eggs when they visit the store . If you are creative, why not launch a virtual search on your website: just announce to visitors that they can get a gift or a special discount if they discover the eggs that are hidden on some pages and that contain a special code. If you combine these actions with a newsletter and an ad campaign, your traffic and conversions will surely increase.

#5. Post ads

Finally, if you sell specific products related to Easter, take advantage of the days leading up to invest in an advertising campaign on search engines and social networks . Think about the products or services that could have the greatest impact and segment your potential customers precisely. Among the most demanded products on these dates are food and decoration items related to the celebration, land or air tickets and hotel stays .


Keerthana is the Managing Director at digitalkirk.com. After many years of making it and breaking it in the freelance world, she now mentors new writers who want to take their careers to the next level.

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