The recent covid-19 pandemic had a tremendous impact on every aspect of human and business life. The global surge of covid-19 cases has already made businesses transform entirely to continue making business and ensure productivity. But the pandemic was a catalyst for businesses to digitally transform their human resource operation to track the remote workforce. 

The HR tech market had enormous transformations within a short span to keep the global workforce productive. Still, many parts of the world are experiencing or estimated to experience a third wave of the novel coronavirus. In this blog, let us have look at the influence of the HR tech market due to covid. 

Exploring new opportunities to optimize the remote human resource operations: 

Before the start of the pandemic, all the business owners had invested in HR software in India that helped them to respond to the organization’s needs quickly. Because all the employees had to come to the office and things get resolved sooner when you are face to face. The rise of the pandemic pushed the entire globe under lockdown leaving the entire world in a dire. The business leaders announced work from home until further notice and still many global businesses are working from home. The HR tech market has helped many businesses to overcome the challenges of remote working by increasing the collaboration between the teams. 

The business owners become more tech-savvy and implemented cutting-edge technologies to optimize the efforts and enhance productivity.  The impact of covid-19 on the HR tech market was to optimize the traditional HR processes and enhance the digital transformation. For instance, business leaders can implement a covid-19 AI chatbot to interact with their workforce. This virtual HR assistant will answer all the employee queries regarding covid-19, and other health advisories to ensure a healthy workforce.  

Concentrate on talent management: 

Since the start of the pandemic, there is an increase in the use of the talent management system. Because it is a challenging task for any business to monitor the workforce and their efforts especially when they are working remotely. Hence, the HR market tech space had to come up with innovative solutions to track workforce productivity. The best HRMS will help businesses to optimize the training, development, workflow planning, and compensation management even the workforce is scattered.  

Talent management is a tedious and intricate task already and executing it with traditional HR processes will just create a hindrance in your growth. More HR software vendors in India are implementing advanced tools like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in the tool to make the system more robust. The Best HRMS with AI and ML will gather workforce data and evaluate it to study the patterns or trends in the work process. As a result, the business HR leaders can spot the challenges and opportunities in your workflow to make strategic changes in the workflow. The HR tech market is exploring more opportunities for technologies like Big Data and blockchain in the system. The organizations that manage their remote workforce efficiently will never be out of business because they can achieve the organizational goal from anywhere. 

Enhancing the employee experience: 

The pandemic has tremendous changes in every aspect of human life because many resources complain that work from home has disturbed their work-life balance. The workforce has to work for more than the working hours and leaves have become a more challenging process. Human resources must interact with the employees and ensure they and their loved ones are doing okay during these tough times. Hence, the HR tech space is exploring new opportunities on how to enhance the employee experience when they are working remotely. The best HRMS will help you to enhance the employee experience and increase the employee retention rate. The HR software will implement all the tools to conduct employee engagement activities even during remote working and track the success rate. The HR tech market has a feedback management system that will help to share constructive feedback with employees and vice-a-versa.  

Innovative talent acquisition practices: 

The covid-19 pandemic and its global search have completely shifted the workforce into a different dimension. Many job roles went outdated or did not have work to earn money due to lockdown. Moreover, the pandemic also had an impact on how you attract, hire, and retain the workforce. The HR tech market is integrating robust tools in the HRMS to attract, hire, and onboard employees digitally. The organizations share digital offer letters, termination letters, and other documents to share it with the employees with ease. The new hires can fill, sign and upload all the necessary documents on a single platform. These innovative talent acquisition practices will help to hire the best talent from a global talent pool according to your job description. 


The global HR tech market is constantly evolving to make the system more robust and streamline HR operations. Technology Counter is the fastest-growing tech recommendation platform that will help businesses to find the right HR software in India.


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