It’s important to have certain SEO goals put into place in order to keep track of your SEO results. Arbitrary and vague goals won’t lead to the results you are expecting. Your company must put together a clear vision outlining the goals with the SEO Agency Toronto that you’re working with. When you have clear-cut goals in mind, the analytics can be set up accordingly to make the agency accountable for its results.

SEO Goals Defined

An SEO goal is an objective that is measurable and specific and there should be a timeframe attached to the attainability of the goal. A goal that is not well-defined cannot be measured or properly attained. The goal should be aligned with your purpose for doing SEO in the first place, which usually equates to obtaining new customers through the organic search results.

When you define your SEO goals properly the strategy will have more clarity and focus since a clear target has been set up to achieve. There must be something specific to aim for otherwise you’ll just be taking random shots at something without ever reaching a conclusion.

Setting up SEO Goals

Before setting up your own SEO goals you may need to sit down with an SEO agency Toronto strategist. While it’s easy to set up a goal such as “get more customers”, you need to know how to get them. You need to understand the actions that will make that happen.

The goal plan should consist of 3 different goals that are reasonable to achieve within a certain timeframe. They would include the following:

  • Outcome goals
  • Performance goals
  • Process goals

When you create a goal strategy this way, you are breaking down the goals into steps that will lead to the overall goals of the business. Once your process goals have been achieved you’ll be in a better position to reach your performance goals, which will ultimately help you attain your outcome goals.

Outcome Goals

Think of this as the big picture goal that you want to achieve with your business. Don’t be afraid to think big if you want to ultimately own a thriving and lucrative business.

Performance Goals

Think of these goals as you would target goals. For example, in order to win the Stanley Cup in hockey you would first need to be in one of the leading positions in your division. You would have to win a certain amount of games against your competitors in order to reach one of the higher standings in the division. Winning the games in order to reach this level would be performance goals.

Process Goals

Process goals would be smaller goals that are more controllable. For example, what could you as an individual and the team do to win more games? Extra practice, team building exercises and developing play strategies could be considered to be process goals. These are the things that you can do to help win more games so that you can get to the level where you are able to play in the Stanley Cup final. In terms of building more traffic for a company, an SEO agency Toronto can break down these process goals so that they are clear and easy to attain.

2021 SEO Goals You Should Be Targeting

Every year the SEO goals that you should be targeting change according to the new algorithms introduced by Google. This year is no exception and while some goals remain the same as previous years, there are new goals that should be focused on in 2021. Some of the major goals that an SEO agency Toronto would be focusing on this year include the following:

  • Improving backlink profiles
  • Strengthening the authority of a domain
  • Decreasing bounce rates
  • Optimizing for voice search

Improving Backlink Profiles

Google’s new algorithm this year is concentrating on nullifying spam backlinks. This means that any backlinks that appear to be spam won’t count on a backlink profile. Many businesses will be affected by these changes and will see their ranking results lowered on Google Search. The best way to combat this is to build up a stronger and better profile for backlinks using Google-approved strategies. Quality not quantity is the name of the game for building links in 2021.

Strengthening the Authority of Your Domain

The ranking potential depends on the domain strength. The role of an SEO agency Toronto is to calculate the score of a website based on different variables. One of the biggest factors in determining domain authority is the content that appears on a site. Your website will get a higher score when there are a lot of visitors reading, interacting and sharing your content. Building authority through high-quality content should be a webmaster’s priority this year.

Decreasing Bounce Rates

If someone lands on your site and then leaves it quickly, it shows the search engines that your content is not relevant or is lacking in quality. Over time you’ll find that a bounce rate that is quite high will lower your ranking potential. It’s important to make sure that the search intent matches with the content you are providing along with the meta-description and the title. 

Optimizing for Voice Search

When people do a search for something using their voices, they are using different language than they would use if they were searching using text. Voice search content generally uses longtail-keyword phrases so it’s important to make sure that your content is optimized for these specific phrases. As more and more people use voice search to find content and places to visit locally, the websites that are optimized for this type of search will be found first.

Other important goals include maximizing page loading speeds, optimizing internal links, increasing organic traffic, appearing on featured snippets, converting traffic and boosting the amount of time that visitors remain on your pages. 

Whether you are working with an SEO agency Toronto or doing SEO on your own webpages, it’s important to formulate your specific goals and make them relevant to what Google is looking for at the time. This is ultimately the best way to find success through your SEO efforts.


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