JIRA is a popular tool that not only helps in project management but also assists in managing software-related issues, tracking issues, tracking bugs, and managing test cycles, etc. To attain proficiency in JIRA, students and ambitious professionals can enrol in the JIRA course online for enhancing their project management, administration, or software testing skills. Many students enrol in JIRA courses to become certified professionals for building a promising career in IT.

Career Opportunities After Completing JIRA Course

A valid JIRA certification is awarded to the course participants upon successful course completion and after taking the JIRA exam along with hands-on experience via lab sessions.

The following are the job opportunities that one can secure after JIRA course is complete-

  1. After JIRA course completion, the certification validates that the individuals have the right skills to manage complex operational workflows and complicated projects that may otherwise be deemed unimaginable. With this certification, individuals can seek jobs themselves or even the JIRA academy may provide job assistance to help in securing important jobs such as JIRA developers, admins or consultants etc. in major IT companies with attractive packages as certified professionals are employed over those without any certification.
  2. Companies with these available job posts share about the vacancies with detailed descriptions online. Individuals can apply for these posts, if they meet the eligibility requirements.
  3. Professionals working as project managers can up-skill their management skills and thus are in a better position to negotiate higher salaries than their peers.

JIRA Course- Its Details And Aims

JIRA course is a comprehensive training that provides the students with an in-depth conceptual knowledge of the JIRA tool and its different components as well as provides practical experiences through the lab sessions to manage complex workflows with great ease. The online JIRA course led by well-qualified, licensed and experienced trainers helps the students to learn to plan, install, use and customize JIRA as per the requirements of the projects. JIRA is an easy-to-learn tool that does not require any technical skills. All the high-class study material is provided online that can be accessed even after the course completion. The course participants can watch the recorded videos to learn if any training session is missed and doubts can be clarified in the next session by contacting the trainer. Even students or working professionals can enroll in self-paced JIRA learning courses, where the learning sessions are pre-recorded by JIRA experts and learn as per their schedule and individual capabilities.

Time Required For Completing Training

Now the question arises- Is it possible to complete JIRA training within a few days? Most individuals require some minimum hours’ worth of online JIRA training to feel comfortable enough to use all the JIRA features. But it is possible to speed up the training process depending on the individual abilities to learn and grasp the concepts.

JIRA course is an extensive course that not only covers the basics but also provides clarity on the concepts of task management, issue management, generating reports, managing boards etc. JIRA course helps individuals to learn and master JIRA features as JIRA proficiency is in great demand in the IT industry.

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