Can you spend a whole day without searching anything on Google ? 

Well, seems next to impossible. 

Today Google is one of the biggest tech companies with over 1,40,000 experts working as a unit. Tech, non-tech, finance, and others are a few teams working as a Google unit. 

The technical teams at Google are constantly expanding their scope by adding skilled professionals. 

Hence, if joining this tech giant is your dream too, you will have to prepare for their coding interviews. 

You can easily initiate your preparation with Microsoft interview coding questions as they are quite similar to Google coding questions. 

Usually, a candidate has to appear for about 5-7 interview sessions to be selected for any of the Google tech teams. 

Get acquainted with the Google coding questions, process, and a few tips that will help you crack this interview easily. Are you wondering how? Explore the insights of Google interviews with this detailed guide. 

Google Technical Interview- Detailed process

The whole Google interview process may take up to 2 months to be completed. For your application to get selected for the final selection, you will have to clear the Seven stages of the Google interview.

The process of Google interview is carried out in the following stages:

  • Resume screening: The first stage is where the recruiters select your resume out of thousands of applicants. It might take a week or so after your application. You can wait for the call from recruiters after a week. 
  • Call for selection: Recruiters at Google call the selected candidates and inform them that their resume is selected for further processes. This stage must not take more than 2-3 working days. 
  • Phone screening: Once your resume is selected at Google and you have received the call, you will receive a phone call from the recruiting department. This call might take 20-25 mins. Usually, the recruiters ask for your personal information and interests in this screening
  • Onsite Interviews: Google conducts onsite interviews for all the candidates. However, online test assignments and questions are also conducted for several cases. These interview segments usually cover your technical questions and coding concepts. You may have to appear for several technical interviews at this stage. 
  • HR round: Next stage is where you will be evaluated based on your soft skills. Generally, the questions including communication skills, behavioral questions, and others will be asked during this segment. 
  • Team selection: Based on your performance in the interview stages and your interests, Google recruiters find the best suitable team for you to join. However, if you have already applied for a specific post/team or domain, this step is probably ignored. 
  • Salary Settlement: The Final step is to negotiate your salary based on your skills, interview performance, and other aspects. You can quote your number and discuss the digits quoted by the team. Once you set the salary bar according to the team and your interests, your interview process will be completed. 

Make sure you prepare for onsite interviews in detail as this segment will analyze your coding concepts and grasp on technical subjects. 

Let’s now discuss the basic types of Google coding questions you will find in the tech interviews at this tech giant. 

Google Interview Questions- Types & Examples

In the coding interview at Google, the recruiters usually ask you to solve 2-3 problem statements. 

Based on your solution (in terms of accuracy and efficiency) you will be analyzed for the decided job profile. 

Although there is no fixed question that is asked during Google interviews, these questions will be based on the following concepts:

  • System Design: System design questions are an essential part of Google interview questions. You can find highly difficult to medium-level difficult questions based on the system design. You may have to resolve these problem statements while keeping the scalability and typical aspects of the problem statement in mind. Ensure that you prepare well for it. 
  • General Questions: These questions majorly concentrate on your ability to resolve a problem statement within a given time frame with accuracy. You might be asked a few mathematical or general ability questions in this segment of your coding interview. You can go through Microsoft interview coding questions to get an idea about such questions
  • Coding questions: Finally, you will have to solve different problem statements by providing an efficient code for them. Usually, this segment of the test covers the Data structures and algorithms. You may also find other technical concepts in this segment of the test. 

One of the most important topics amongst the technical concepts for Google interview questions is the System design-based questions. Make sure you practice them well before appearing for the interview. 

Finally, let’s discuss some of the tips that will help you crack your interview easily. 

Tips to crack Google interview

Cracking a Google interview is quite difficult if you move ahead without a certain plan. However, a few tips will help you boost your score and chances of getting selected at Google. 

Keep the following tips and tricks in mind for a better score on Google interview questions:

  • Google Interview questions will require your efficiency on the Google Apps. Make sure you get familiar with the interface of Google Docs, sheets, and other apps for better performance
  • Go through the mock tests and practice questions to understand the pattern of questions
  • Research the skills like “googliness”, cognitive abilities, and others in detail 
  • Read about the job profile and requirements carefully
  • Search for the skills the job profile demands and try to develop the skills 

Winding Up

Google interview questions can be quite tricky and twisted. However, if you get acquainted with the process, types of questions, and other details, you can easily crack this interview. 

Since the difficulty level of questions is similar to the Microsoft interview coding questions, you can also consider them for a better score. 


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