Is your business looking to increase its productivity? How can virtualization help? If yes, then you’d better look at the 5 popular uses of online virtual machines. If you’re interested in finding out how VM hosting can help you grow your business, this blog is a must-read for you. 

Are you having constant issues with your production environment? Are you experiencing problems when upgrading your data center? Are there too many restrictions on your physical servers? Are you struggling with software licensing when deploying new applications? If your answer to all these questions ends in a yes, you must try using online virtual machines. VM hosting technology enables the creation of multiple isolated environments known as virtual machines. It’s possible to test new upgrades within these, roll back the system to a previous version or develop without worrying about software licenses.

There is a rising trend in online virtual machines. E-commerce companies, small and medium-scale businesses, and large enterprises embrace the new technologies emerging on the virtualization front. In addition to that, many web hosting companies are coming up with VPS Hosting as a new web hosting solution for their clientele and potential prospects. 

Let us walk through some popular use cases of online virtual machines that can help you get started with virtual machine hosting.

VM Hosting: Why You Should Make a Move Now

Hosting multiple varieties of server environments can be a bit complicated. Also, when specific servers need to be added or removed, the process can take much time and effort. The virtual machine eliminates this patchwork setup and allows servers to be deployed at the click of a button. It saves money and resources because it provides a complete environment for any application instead of just one type of application.

Undoubtedly, virtualization technology emerges as the most effective way to reduce both hardware and software costs. If you wish to know more about the benefits of virtual machine hosting, have a look at the popular use cases of VMs listed in the next section.

VM Hosting: Top 5 Popular Use Cases of VMs for Businesses

The first and most obvious benefit of using virtualization over physical hardware is creating multiple virtual machines. With no limit to how many operating systems or applications you can run, you are free to experiment with different configurations for each VM. With online virtual machines, everything becomes customizable down to the very core. Check out some of the popular use cases of VMs to know the benefits of VM hosting for your business.

  • Consolidate Server

Virtualization is a powerful technology that can be utilized in many ways. However, businesses have to manage the complexities of setting up the virtual network environment and servers for specific application needs.

With online VMs, businesses have to deal with a range of service providers that offer limited virtualization-related business solutions for their business operations. It’s a solution that delivers only a percentage of the true potential of virtualization technology. Server consolidation can help you reduce IT costs while improving scalability and flexibility.

  • Development & Testing 

Currently, the market is flooded with unreliable and unsecured virtual machines running on an unsecured and unreliable cloud, especially for software development and testing. As a result of this, businesses face numerous problems such as, 

  • Unreliable and slow network communication 
  • Absence of maintaining a secure infrastructure due to faulty administration 
  • Insufficient infrastructure for software development and testing

VM cloud hosting providers ensure that their customers have a controlled infrastructure that can be easily managed, monitored, secured & backed up. These systems give the users flexibility as they depend on the operating system installed on their online VMs.

  • Data Migration 

Migrating to the cloud requires a great deal of planning and time. Traditional data migration mechanisms are complex, time-consuming and inefficient. Data migration in the cloud is possible with an innovative technology known as Storage Virtualization. 

Storage virtualization is a technique of efficiently managing storage resources to deliver the most optimum performance at the lowest cost. Migration to the cloud is easy with virtual machines because it makes it possible to monitor your data storage repository in the cloud remotely.

  • Data Recovery 

The need to use physical servers means a lot of expenses for SMEs. Setup costs, installation costs, and upgrade costs are all concerns. Another concern is the maintenance of data. There is no alternative to backing up your data locally on multiple devices, considering that disaster might strike anytime. Backups will only work if they are available during disaster recovery.

With VM cloud hosting India, you can create virtual hard drives that can be used in case of downtime on several machines simultaneously. VMs provide a safe and stable platform for businesses without consuming too much since the software completely emulates a whole computer system.


The business process continues to become more complex. Virtualization is key for businesses to be agile in providing higher levels of service in recent years. Basically, VMs are the foundation for all cloud computing services. Virtual machines help in securing, managing, monitoring, and maintaining the cloud infrastructure.

This virtualization discussion will hopefully guide you in determining whether VM hosting is beneficial to your business. If you still have any doubts, call 1-888-288-3570 to get in touch with the Go4hosting experienced professional. Consult them to select the best online virtual machine hosting plan that meets your needs.


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