One of the most common questions asked by newcomers in social media is “what are Necessary for Social Media Stories to build brand engagement?” It is an excellent question and one that deserves a lot of attention. There are certainly many factors that go into building a good social media profile, but one of the most important contributors to effective brand building is engagement. Here are some of the most important things you should know when it comes to using social media to promote your company or product:

The first step towards great social media use is to write regularly. In addition to providing useful information, writing posts will demonstrate your expertise on the subject. Remember, people who want to learn new things are more likely to follow links to get there. They’ll also be more engaged if you can provide them with regular insightful articles, videos, PDFs, etc.

Another thing you must do to effectively use social media stories to build brand awareness is to be willing to share them. You can’t just throw them on your Facebook page or Twitter without giving anyone permission to share them. Even if you’ve linked to them, you still need to give them some kind of notification. Give them a bit of notice that you plan to use their material, whether that means announcing it on your personal Facebook page, emailing them, or posting it on one of the various sharing sites mentioned in the last bullet point.

It’s also crucial to keep your social media stories professional, even if you’re linking them back to your blog or website. Remember that people might not be able to read your bio or follow your links if they aren’t attracted to the story itself. Make sure you’re able to clearly identify who the author is and how the story came to be.

Finally, always make it a point to reward people who are spreading the word about your content. Don’t just cut them out for whatever reason. If you’re losing money because no one’s following your link, consider sending them a thank-you note afterward. Perhaps include a coupon or a short message that encourages more people to pass along the good news. Any time you can do this, it’s an effective method of advertising for free. You’re showing your consumers that you appreciate their loyalty and help.

The key to keeping your social media campaign from being a complete failure is to pay attention to the details. You can’t expect people to read your entire message in one read-through. But you can ensure that the most important parts of the story are covered. Spending an hour or so going over an important announcement is a solid way to keep people interested in what you have to say. You can’t afford to drop the ball here, as people will likely click away before you get another chance.

When it comes to spending money on social media, there’s really only one answer. If you really want to be successful, you’ll need to invest some money, even if it’s not necessarily in the beginning. It’s important to choose your target audience carefully. If you want to advertise to teenagers, for example, it’s unlikely that you’ll find anyone who’d be interested in sharing your promotional message with all his or her friends on Facebook.

But even with that said, you can’t ignore the importance of social media. In the age of smartphones, it’s almost impossible to go anywhere these days without leaving your social media behind. If you don’t include a link to your website in your status updates, people won’t know where to find you. A quick search on Google will turn up a whole list of places you could be marketing to. A lot of the internet’s users have become accustomed to the convenience of relying on their smartphones when it comes to checking their Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Keerthana is the Managing Director at After many years of making it and breaking it in the freelance world, she now mentors new writers who want to take their careers to the next level.

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