Despite the book, reading is a good habit, but people indulge themselves in various electronic media forms. EBooks allows you to keep reading from your mobile phones and other electronic devices. Moreover, you can easily purchase and get free E-books from your favorite author from any location.

Although the book lover mostly likes to read physical books, E-books are mostly liked due to their easy caring. The reader can also access various free E-books sites, including Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Google Play, iBooks, and many more. You can easily understand the concept of labtop and notebook.

E-books include some distinct characters that readers do not edit these books without the permission of the authors. These books are only available in EBUP, AZW, and PDF format to keep the original content safe. The consumption of paper is reduced, and research shows that 32 million trees are saved.

Following are the Best Websites to Download E-books:

  1. Project Gutenberg
  2. Open Library
  3. Google eBookstore
  4. Amazon Free Kindle Books
  5. Internet Archive
  6. Many Books
  7.  Book Boon
  8. Free Book Spot
  9. Baen
  10. Lean Pub
  11. AvaxHome
  • Project Gutenberg:

Project Gutenberg is the eBooks providing platform and offers more than 57000 free books. The best thing about the podium is that the reader can also share their favorite books with their loved ones. The books on this platform are available 24/7 for free. 

  • Open Library:

Open Library is the archive book store on the internet and offers an advanced searching option to collect the desired books easily. The library catalog of this platform can easily be edited, and everyone can access it for the collection of eBooks. 

  • Google eBookstore:

Google eBookstore is the best platform for the collection of eBooks on the google play store. This store offers other fringes for android users and offers free books. The collection includes various features, including classic, modern, hot sellers, and many others. 

Abraham Murray, the product manager of Google Books, said that readers in the United States can now purchase hundreds of thousands of headings and browse more than 3 million titles at the new connected Google eBookstore at Previously, Google eBooks were known under the code name Google Editions. Google eBooks will be available through the new online Google eBookstore.

  •  Amazon Free Kindle Books:

Amazon Free Kindle Books is free to access eBooks by signing into your Amazon account from a kindle device. It offers various categories filters for easy selection of books. The reader has to select the name of the favorite author name and simply download the book.

  • Internet Archive:

Internet Archive is the platform that includes the retriever books from the internet. This nonprofit website does not require any subscription and includes an advanced search engine for easy searching. The online book collection includes 466 billion pages. 

  • Many Books:

Many Books offers free services for book readers with a collection of 33,000 books in a library. The best section of this library is that it provides an eye-catching front page with a simple user interface. It offers advanced search engines like search through the name of author, language, title, and many others. 

  • Book Boon:

There are over a thousand different student textbooks available, each of which can be downloaded in PDF format without charge and is readily available to students. All of them were written especially for Book boon by academics teaching at some of the most prestigious universities in the World.

Free Book Spot is the best platform for the books hunter and provides you with the best collection according to your demand. It offers a long list of categories for accurate and easy searching according to requirements, including health, humor, drama, romance, business, and many others. 

The readers can also select their favorite books from featured eBooks, checking the trending list, newest uploaded, and latest audiobooks. The account registration of this website is simple as the reader has to enter common personal information for free sign-in. 

  • Baen:

The Baen Library is a digital library that is maintained by the science fiction and fantasy publishing house Baen Books. As of the month of June 2016, there are 61 e-books that can be downloaded for free in a variety of formats, and there is no copy protection on any of the e-books

Baen is the platform that provides limited books for free download, but this small free section offers impressive fiction and non-fiction range. It enables the reader to select the format for converting the selected books from the browser, including MOBI, RTF, EPUB, and many others. 

  • Lean Pub:

Lean Pub is the platform that offers the player to select the designated price or to download the same book for free. The available downloadable eBooks can only be downloaded in the following formats such as EPub, Mobi, and PDF. 

This website is mostly related to programming language books, including JavaScript, C#, PHP, Ruby, and many other guide books for beginner developers. The books on this platform are available at 0 USD, and this price was set by the author of the book. 

  • AvaxHome:

AvaxHome is the best website with a huge collection of online eBooks with various categories for easy searching. It evolves the tons of free books around the World with simple login accounts. This nonprofit website does not require any subscription and includes an advanced search engine for easy searching.

The categories included in this website are IT industry, computer, technology, and many others with easy access to download. The reader only has to enter the general information regarding the profile and email address for creating the account. 

Final Words:

It would appear that the free EBook website is an affiliate site. That’s not terrible, but you should be aware that you might only get a taste of a few of the 140 books that the website offers, and then you’ll be redirected to another website, such as Amazon free kindle books or Instaread, where you have to pay to get THEIR summary of the book. This website is straightforward and easy to route, and it features reading material that will appeal to people interested in preliminary their own businesses, such as lists of reading aids.



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